Velocity REPLAY is Smarter, Faster, and Easier than legacy tools!

Vector Translations "Guaranteed-by-Design"

Introducing... Velocity REPLAY

Velocity REPLAY software provides modern, industry-leading automation and processing, enabling unparalleled translation capabilities of WGL, STIL and EVCD simulation vectors to Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) platforms.  

Velocity REPLAY creates Verilog test benches encoded with the ATE's exact specifications for "Guaranteed-by-Design" pre-silicon validation and post-silicon ATE test program automation. This process ensures first-pass success, eliminating the resource draining requirement of design engineers having to re-visit old Verilog test benches months later in the release cycle, delaying Time-to-Market.  Velocity REPLAY gets the correct patterns to the ATE test team without the headaches of fixing non-working patterns.

Our Parallel mode speeds your simulation vector conversions to ATE  patterns using as many cores as you have on your server for real Time-To-Market time and cost savings.  In the same pass we compress your patterns using intelligent automation to save memory space on your ATE test platform.  And our software does the heavy lifting by automatically handling  Multiple Time Domains, all Xmodes (1X-8X), and Common Wavetables.  No manual or PERL pattern stitching required in the post conversion process!

Velocity REPLAY Simulation-to-Tester and Tester-to-Simulation conversion tool surprises users at the level of automation which is provided.  It was built and designed by expert ATE users who wanted greater efficiency, and fewer headaches, when creating ATE test programs.

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Velocity REPLAY is a modern & intelligent Simulation-to-Tester pattern conversion tool created to keep Designers designing and Test Engineers testing.  

Why we're different: This software is written by Expert ATE Test Engineers who understand ATE nuances!  We get it...and so can you!

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